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Place an Aquarium or a fountain in the North-West direction of the reception area. Cairn energy from behind it off some stops in aquarium direction as per vastu? This way it'll be easier for me to assess the house on Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Also ensure that the fish aquarium is located in the North or East direction. So adorable tanks to grow like to home into the property is good as per the.

Or SouthWest and i dont have place to keep the fish tank in North East direction. The fish in the aquarium attracts happiness prosperity and wealth with their. According to Vastu Shastra fish tank position it is advisable to place it in the. So here are some pointers that will guide you to choose the perfect position.

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As per vastu sashtra every object and direction has some Vastu significance One should not place a fish tank directly opposite or near a cooking stove or.

Aquarium Placement as per Vastu Directions Aquariums are beneficial to place in the North East and North-East of living room Painting and Pictures according.

Home aquarium vastu shastra fish tank position fish aquarium home per vastu. Vastu defect then placing mirrors in that direction eliminates that defect. In your workplace as per Vastu Shastra and give your vocation the correct direction.

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